Friday, February 7, 2014



Winner never quit, quitter never win!

Luck may lead you to ruin, but it will never lead you to success!

True success comes from a deliberate attack in the status quo!

1.      The greatest addiction in the world is the human ego. This simple three letter world causes most of the world’s problems.

2.      Think more about others and they will think more about themselves. Eventually we hit the truth, and when we do, we give ourselves permission to be free to be who we are. Then we start our journey to change and to be who we were meant to be.

3.      Let others be the spotlight and they will show their humanity. It is only in our humanity that we start to find our greatness.

4.      Persistence means never ever giving up. Have you ever seen a statue of a quitter?

5.      Trying means no, doing nothing. Pay attention how often people say “I will try” and watch what happens later.

6.      Rationalizing is telling lies (rational lies) to us. Self-deception or leadership; you choose. Put positive thoughts into your inner world and your outer world will eventually appreciate it.

7.      Being committed means accepting no excuses. You can have a million excuses or a million small victories in life; but you cannot have both.

Be part of the leadership revolution by sharing these nuggets with others.

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. Be a giver in a world of takers.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others.
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx
Co-author of the book Follow to Lead (The 7 Principles to Being a Great Follower)
Author of the book PRICELESS (Sixty-Six Simple Stories of Reflection, Love, and Legacy)

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