Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Wise Farmer Knows

Why Is Perspective Important?
What does a wise farmer know that the common person doesn’t?

1) The fastest way to success is to obey the law of the farm. This natural law contains a sequence of timely principles that when followed determine a great harvest. One can obey the laws of nature or be taken advantage of by nature.

2) The law of the farm has imbedded in it the proper perspective to win in the game of life: The value of delayed gratification, the growth of compounded knowledge and money, and the importance of hard and smart work over time, delayed gratification.

3) Long term thinking in farming is to leave the land better than found. Repeating mistakes is as deadly as a bite from a poisonous snake. Fat years are usually followed by lean years. A poor soil takes several years to recover.

4) The wise farmer knows the value of the land, the crops, as well as the value of money. It takes years to master farming and only minutes to destroy a great crop. Next year may be better or worse than this year. The wise farmer can have peace, in the midst of difficulties, and joy, coexisting with a calm demeanor.

5) The wise farmer knows that free lunches are seldom free. Understand the value of the relationships with neighbors, the land and the Creator and value spiritual wealth. Know that faith and love are a must to survive on the farm and in life. It takes courage to see what the world sees and not to do what the world does.

6) The wise farmer knows that all the farmer has comes from Above. The farmer is just a steward of the Creator. The wise farmer knows how to use God’s strength to improve one, knows that even a Godly life is not immune from difficulties, and knows that love and trust dissolve worry and fear.

7) The wise farmer knows that serving the community is important. The wise farmer knows that results coming from proven principles instill confidence, eliminate doubt in those the follow us. The wise farmer takes time to pray, to educate others, and to help those in need.

Be blessed and be a blessing, Carlos Fontana

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