Monday, August 6, 2012




1) We create our own destiny by the small daily personal daily decisions we make. Decide to make a difference. If we are free and we don’t fight for those that aren’t we will lose our freedoms. We are always one generation away from losing our freedoms. Decisions compound either for the positive or the negative.

2) No dreams, no destiny. Start with small dreams, reach them and build upon them. Exercise patience and perseverance. God’s delays are not His denials. Have your goals feed into your dreams. 

3) Dreams lead to goals. Dreams lead to action. Is your dream burning inside you? How determined are you to chase your dreams? Stop doubting yourself and start making plans to reach your goals.

4) Goals lead to plans. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Choose to have discipline to work the plan. Be flexible as conditions change. Keep the eye on the target, the goal.

5) Implementation of plans produces results. Results remove all doubt and boost our self-esteem. It is always a choice to have the courage to confront your results in life. Change comes from hating to love more than the comfort to stay the same. Inaction gives birth to doubt. Have the courage to fail, to learn, and to move forward.

6) Results determine character. Character is doing what we say we will do. Character is forged under difficulty and suffering. It is a daily choice to grow in character. What you do when other aren't looking says much about your character. Those that cheat in golf, cheat in business.

7) Character determine destiny. One person can change the course of history. Abe Lincoln did. No matter who you are today, you can change and make a difference. Prepare and your chance will come.
Share with others and be blessed, Carlos Fontana

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