Sunday, August 5, 2012

Only entrepreneurs can propagate freedom

Only entrepreneurs can propagate freedom
1)      The cream always rises to the top. The problem is that sometimes the milk is spoiled. All the government handouts have failed to produce a better economy and a better society. The imbalance between producers and exploiters keeps growing. The current is going in the wrong direction. 
2)      Watch and intercede when the signs of freedom recede. All the signs of receding freedom are here. All the signs of people in bondage and dependence on government are here. Wake up America and fight to remain the beacon of freedom. The most critical election is history is less than 100 days away. Ask yourself, do I want to live in freedom or do I want to remain in bondage? The BIG government hands and hungry appetites are just about everywhere you look. No country will remain free for very long when government has a free license to print fiat money and hand it out to businesses and people in exchange for the heads of government to remain in power. Ask yourself, are my prospects for a better future at least as good as the prospects my parents had? Even with over two trillion of fiat money issued in the last few years, our economy is in worse shape today than it was before the stimulus package. Government never solves economic problems, entrepreneurs do!
3)      Freedom is not the license to do what you want or the right to ask for government handouts and entitlements; freedom is the right to do good, the right to create and the right to innovate and invent. If we continue on the current path, we are less than four years away from the biggest economic meltdown America has ever seen. How prepared are you for the aftermath when a combo of economic bubbles burst?
4)      If you want to see the spread of freedom, spread entrepreneurship. No free society prospers without the values propagated by the entrepreneurial community.
5)      Whatever situation you are in you can change it if you choose to change. Choose freedom over security. Choosing security always leads to bondage and slavery.
6)      Prosperity without humility leads to adversity all the time. Arrogance always comes before the fall. A government that behaves above the law and God only creates divisiveness and chaos. Where there is no leadership there is chaos and people perish.
7)      Real legacy is when others take the good from us with them. The world has benefited from our system of government for many years. If the beacon of freedom crumbles, not only will we suffer, the rest of the world will suffer as well. What legacy is our government leaving behind except for more people depending on government? If you are a baby boomer and thinking you can comfortably retire, think again. Study history and you will see that over 20 countries took the comfortable path the USA is on now. When a society chooses comfort over excellence, the people will suffer. Suffering can be good and often necessary for a better future. The next President will have no choice but to get most people mad at him by starting an austerity program. The time has come for us to take personal responsibility and accountability to fix the mess created by our politicians. 
Blessings, Carlos Fontana

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  1. America needs a Freedom, a Leadership and an Entrepreneurial Revolution.