Thursday, August 23, 2012


How bountiful is your harvest?

Rate yourself in the following statements: 1 Not like me at all  …   10 Exactly like me
(Keep in mind that self-deception is the enemy of greatness)

1) I enjoy the final act, the grand finale that I work for. I rejoice in reaping what I plant and car for. I reward myself and others for achieving my goals and dreams.

2) I know that longer I am willing to wait for the rewards of the work I do, the bigger the rewards.

3) If I don’t like my score card, I change. I am patient as God’s delays are not His denials. I know that failure is never final. One victory can erase all my failures.

4) I am humble and always make my performance greater than my applause and popularity. I find defeats in my victories and victories in my defeats.

5) I count my blessings and share them with others because I believe that more will be given and entrusted to those that live a life of gratitude.

6) I am leaving a legacy for generations to come so they know who you was, not just what I did. I keep asking myself what are the principles am I going to leave for my great-grandchildren?

7) I will be known by what I gave and not by what I received.

Interpreting the scores:
70 = You are a Choleric personality on your way to sainthood!
50-69 = You are a Sanguine having a great time, keep having fun learning and sharing!
35-49 = You are a Melancholy ready to make big things happen as soon as you get a few more details!
22-34 = You are a humble Phlegmatic on your way to greatness, so get moving!
7-21 = You were wither too tough on yourself or you are seriously needing help!
(Caution - the interpretation is not scientific, done for illustration purposes only to see who chuckled when looking at the scale)

Be blessed, and then be a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx

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