Friday, August 10, 2012


Why Is Preparation Important in the Law of the Farm?
What wise farmers know about preparation that the common person doesn’t?
Imagine planting before preparing the soul?

1) Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Planned use of our precious energy ought is key to success as we start anew each day. Prepare and your chance will come. Do not squander a minute of your awaken time. Sleeping is overrated and naps are underrated. Naps replenish our energy reservoir and increase our productivity. Our actions ought to be directed towards something that matter.

2) Pay attention to details as the devil may be hidden in them. It takes time to master skills and abilities. Be familiar with all the land, field by field, plot by plot, including the little hills and valleys. Learn to learn and to concentrate on the tasks at hand until they are finished. Have the right tools for the work to be done. Leverage your energy where it yields the most results.

3) The future belongs to those that prepare ahead of the opportunities. The early birds always get the juicy warms. Make sure the soil is prepared when the time to plant arrives.

4) The prepared go quickly from problem identified to problem solved. Prepare to fight the internal as well as external battles for they are sure to come. Inspect what you expect by building expectancy in self and in others.

5) Lead from the front as well as the trenches. Know the time to lead and the time to follow. Know the time to prepare and the time to plant.

6) Belong to a community of learners and doers. Know the value of reading great books and the association with the right people. Iron sharpens iron. Know the value of preparation prior to execution.  Healthy competition leads to betterment of community and society.

7) Character is forged during our trials and tribulations. Never waste a struggle. Never allow complacency hurt you or destroy the farm. 

Be blessed, and then be a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana

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