Thursday, August 2, 2012

Are you winning in the game of life?

How bad do we want to win in the game of life?
1) Do you hate enough to lose to win? Winners become winners by learning from and how to lose.
2) Our excuses are hurting our self-esteem. Get rid of excusitis; cure it by taking action.
3) Who we are when we wake up in the morning is what we are going to get better that day. Wake up with a nice smile!
4) There is no problem that can sustain the constant attack of the right thinking. Persistence and resilience are powerful qualities of mind.
5) Never, ever underestimate yourself. You have an enormous ability to overcome.
6) Develop and strong work ethic and have a clear vision. Keep score on what is important to you.
7) Are you being led in the right direction in the fundamental areas of your life? Do you know what to do when you fall of plan?
Carlos Fontana

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