Saturday, August 4, 2012

How Entrepreneurial Are You?

Entrepreneurs who thrive go from gratitude to significance:
1)      Entrepreneurs who thrive have a mentor to give them perspective. They always know why they go into any endeavor.
2)      They enlist and help others achieve their dreams so they can realize their mission and vision.
3)      They love what they do and it shows. They think work and competence instead of job and competition. A job creates dependence while the right work leads to freedom.
4)      They are voracious readers and action driven.
5)      They keep score to get better in all they do. For them failure is to success what dissonance is to music.
6)      Their results in life are a reflection of their level of leadership. They go from attitude to
7)      They have a vision and unwavering faith. They have the keys to unlock the next economic age.
How entrepreneurial are you?
Blessings, Carlos Fontana

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