Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Cycle of Democracy


The cycle of democracy is attributed to Alexander Fraser Tyler. A great book to read is Leadership and Liberty by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward. A democracy can only exist until voters vote themselves perks they have not earned. The perks come from the public treasure. At this point voters vote to candidates offering the most benefits from the treasury. On average the world’s greatest civilizations have lasted 200 years before a precipitous decline. Let’s look at each step in the case of America and you can come to your own conclusions how close we are to bondage again.

1) From Bondage to Spiritual Faith. Jonathon Edwards led the Great Awakening, a time of spiritual renewal, of the 1730s in the American colonies. His works became the critical step to develop the conviction for man to fear God and not man. This started the revolt against the mighty British empire.

2) From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage. A person who does not stand for something will fall for anything. Our founding families had great courage to stand for the truth against tyranny and oppression for they knew that “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.” They revolted against the British because of 2 % taxation without proper representation. Imagine that, revolt over 2 % not 20 or 30 or 40 %?

3) From Courage to Liberty. The colonists won because they were fighting for their deeply held principles for which they were willing to risk their life, wealth, and sacred honor. The underdogs won because they had more at stake than the British will to keep on taxing without giving a voice to those earning an honest living. The genius in the American constitution was a precious concept called the Rule of Law. Since then we have taken shots and punched big holes in the sacred document called our constitution. Four major changes were made to allow government directly collect and print as much money as government wants and to spend on whatever government wants. When the government has full control on collecting, issuing and spending money the result is a government so big that is hard to imagine. All of these occurred under our watch in the last 100 years because of our ignorance and lack of involvement.

4) From Liberty to Abundance. The liberties brought free enterprises and limited government; what a blessing to a nation. American ingenuity and innovation brought WWII to an end and made America the wealthiest society. American products went everywhere in the world. At his point the society already started to forget from where our blessings come from. The distorted thinking led to the desire of the state to take the abundance of those that had and give it to those less fortunate regardless of how hard either had worked for.

5) From Abundance to Selfishness. The 1960s brought free love, disrespect for the norms and a drug culture in the youth. It was a revolt against abundance. America moved away from Churches and from God. The biblical roots of the great society started to crumble.

6) From Selfishness to Complacency. In the 1970s America lost its compass and complacency started to set in. The individual pursuit of peace and affluence was the aim. High inflation came.

7) From Complacency to Apathy. The cycle was interrupted in the 1980s by the leadership and convictions of a great president, Ronald Reagan. The church failed to pick up on the opportunity to impart moral strength to a lost generation. The 1990s brought a complete surrender to apathy and personal fulfillment. The internet came and with it many good and many evil things. We got detached to the election process and allowed government to pursue their own personal agenda. Government focused on obtaining their perks then started to cater to special interest groups.

8) From Apathy to Dependency. The 2000 was a decade of complete submission to the government’s incredible power. Americans started to look up to government to provide for their welfare, health care, social security, etc. Can you imagine almost 50% of Americans depending on government for some form of assistance? Our ancestors must be shaking their heads up there.  This was a complete surrender of our freedoms to Big Brother. Most Americans don’t even know their freedoms are being lost because they don’t even know about the freedoms that were passed to them by previous generations. It is easy to lose what we don’t know we have.

9) From Dependence to Bondage. Slaves can never perform the functions of free men and women. We all know that something is not right. Since the churches are not sharing the message of the true messiah the citizens are looking for a worldly messiah. Perceived leaders promise things they cannot deliver. Man cannot save man. With over $15 trillion in debt we are held in bondage. Dependence on government is a form of slavery.

Even a student of history will agree that we are on the last step, moving ourselves into bondage, a form of slavery to a bankrupt Government. Have you ever wonder why this is not being thought to our children? Why don’t you start teaching them yourself? An ignorant society will not remain free for very long. On November 6 we have an opportunity to interrupt the cycle again and fight for our freedoms. Why don't we put our society’s future above our self-interests. This is the most important election of our lifetime. Let’s vote for the candidates that best represent the truth and have the guts to interrupt the cycle of freedom.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx
Co-author of the book Follow to Lead (The 7 Principles to Being a Great Follower)
Author of the book PRICELESS (Sixty-Six Simple Stories of Reflection, Love, and Legacy)

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