Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why teams fail to deliver results

Why teams fail

Team stands for together everyone achieves more. A great example is the Chicago Bulls in the decade with Michael Jordan as the leader. When Michael Jordan played, his team played better and so did the rival teams. Often teams do not achieve this level of performance, raising the question why teams fail to perform. I have seen this in sports, in business, and in other endeavors. Hope the following helps to explain why teams fail.

1.      Poor leadership. Lack of a team leader with a clear vision and purpose. Lack of clear definition of what success looks like.

2.      Lack of trust. Inability to establish trust at the onset. Lack of collaboration and cooperation.

3.      Individual egos. The power struggles. Conflicting personalities.

4.      Lack of clear member roles and responsibilities. Lack of accountability.

5.      Poor planning. Poor timelines and time management. Procrastination.

6.      Poor communication. Poor conflict resolution skills. 

7.      Lack of ability to ask the right questions. Not asking questions about each member’s talents and abilities and how to leverage them. Asking problems instead of solutions oriented questions.

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Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx
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