Thursday, November 6, 2014

Success and Happiness - Part II

Personal Success and Real Happiness – Part II
Learnings gleaned over the years from Sir John Marks Templeton

1.      Create your own luck. LUCK stands for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. The application of knowledge gives power to achieve anything.
2.      Be honest and persevere. Honesty is the best policy. Be a finisher in a world of starters.
3.      Make time your servant. Time is the most valuable asset we have. Time is not equal to money; time is more valuable than money. Be diligent about investing your time.
4.      Give the extra ounce. The extra effort, compounded over time, makes all the difference. Master your craft by consistently applying the principles that have worked for others for thousands of years.
5.      Conserve your resources to take advantage of opportunities. Thrift is a character trait. Have the resources ready to take advantage of opportunities. Save 25% of your earnings. Help others in need.
6.      Progress onwards and upwards. Always be in the lookout for better ways to do things. Entrepreneurs are the benefactors of humanity. When we train a nation of entrepreneurs then progress is certain to come. Change leads to progress and prosperity.
7.      Control your thoughts for effective actions. Discipline your thoughts and emotions. We are the products of our own thoughts. When we let to nature our thoughts drift. We must rule our minds before we can rule the world.

Will you join my cause to fight mediocrity in the world?
Pass these nuggets on to others.    
We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. Be a giver in a world of takers.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others.
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx
Co-author of the book Follow to Lead (The 7 Principles to Being a Great Follower)

Author of the book PRICELESS (Sixty-Six Simple Stories of Reflection, Love, and Legacy

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