Friday, September 28, 2012

Sound Advice on Change

Our view of the world is a reflection of ourselves! To change how we see the world we must first change ourselves first.

1) Great books, leaders & mentors remind us of our responsibilities and encourage us to take action.

2) Remarkable strength is rooted in diversity of minds. True communities always rally when there is trouble or disaster.

3) Be honest with yourself where you are with the fundamentals of life. Is your dream bigger than a bad day at your job? Time is not equal money, thinking is. Most know how to make money, few know how to keep money. We don’t get what we want, get what we focus on.

4) Are you in need of a personal financial revolution? Change your citizenship from earth to heaven. All things that are seen are temporary. An idea whose time has come will never be stopped.

5) Personal ego and excellence never go together. We only grow when we know the truth, 3 Do you have a thimble or a barrel capacity to hold truth?  Start a quest for excellence over the protection of ego.

6) Make learning about yourself the priority in your life. Put results and excellence instead of ego at the center of your life. Great courage allows others to follow you

7) Why aren't you waging a war on your bad habits that keep you in bondage? Lasting changes occur from bottom up & inside out.

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