Friday, September 21, 2012

Are You Chasing Money or Excellence?

Pursue excellence and money will follow

Words are cheap, the right actions can be very expensive but the price is worth it. Pay the price in the pursuit of excellence and you will never regret it.

1) Never let your job or career interfere with your education. Self-education is the only education.

2) When you work on what you love your energy is directed towards living your purpose. Your energy flows from an unlimited source, from the core of your being.

3) Allow your personality, skills and abilities come alive and you will express your desire when using your unique gifts to the world.

4) Have a deep belief in yourself. Self-expression, commitment, mindfulness are easy when you do what you love. Your problems will seem small and cannot withstand the continuous thoughts towards solving them.

5) There is a point when your subconscious mind, the software running your brain, takes over producing results that will surprise yourself. Connect your conscious and your subconscious minds.

6) Work becomes play not an addiction when work is an expression of your love. Make work a reflection of your vocation, your devotion to what you love.

7) Have faith in your ability to solve problems. Become an independent thinker and a great decision maker. Find the answers to your life’s most pressing questions and you will become a blessings to others leaving a legacy for centuries to come.

Be blessed and a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx

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