Friday, September 14, 2012

How Hungry Are You?


What are the traits immigrants carry in them to succeed at a much higher rate than people born in the country? What makes people from humble beginnings become successful in a new country while the born citizens with the same opportunity have difficulty to rise above their circumstances? A great example of immigrant successes include two Cuban born (Carlos Gutierrez, the ex-CEO of the Kellogg Company, ex-Secretary of Commerce and now Vice-Chairman of Citibank and Roberto Goizueta, the legendary ex-CEO of Coca-Cola). In the next seven days we will explore the traits that propel immigrants forward. The trait for today is hunger.


1) Immigrants have the hunger and ability to withstand the pain to realize their vision. They have a burning desire to succeed; that fire in the belly. They are willing to go against the current until the current turns in their favor.

2) They have an entrepreneurial mindset to be nimble, take calculated risks, solve problems, and work hard. They are always grateful yet dissatisfied with their current reality. They leave no stones unturned. Hunger is the gap between current reality and vision.

3) They go beyond success; they live a life of significance. They earn the respect, admiration, recognition and trust of those they admire. They have the entrepreneurial mind by living with initiative, imagination, ingenuity, and tenacity.

4) They work like their life depends on them and pray like their life is on God’s hands. They know that closed mouth does not get fed; a closed mind does not get free.

5) They live a disciplined life dedicated to serve others especially those in need. They know that they either discipline themselves or the world will discipline them.

6) They expand their efforts, their reach and their level of influence. They know that here is no competition for those with worthy dreams. Their purpose feeds their hunger.

7) They start or run many businesses and leave a legacy for centuries to come. They build a future for their children’s children.

Be blessed and a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx

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