Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gratitude Power

Gratitude is powerful!

Gratitude is the greatest secret to success. Counting our blessings is a powerful way to start each and every day. Never let a day go by without expressing your gratitude for being where you are and being who you are. Learn to recognize your blessings in disguise. Here are the nuggets:

1) Program yourself to express gratitude to everyone around you and you will find joy everywhere you go.

2) Your gratitude quotient is proportional to your attitude of gratitude, living with a grateful heart.

3) Gratitude is the difference maker and it will impact how you view and respond to everything that happens to you.

4) True gratitude is not accidental; it has to be intentionally cultivated in your garden of life.

5) Make gratitude part of your lifestyle; living with a graceful heart. A graceful heart is the one where Christ dwells and the center from where gratitude flows.

6) Giving begets gratitude; it opens and revives our heart.

7) Be watchful for the enemies of gratitude
·         Unrealistic expectations of others
·         Forgetfulness for the source of gratitude
·         Entitlements
·         Comparisons
·         Blindness to God’s grace

Have an attitude of gratitude!

Be blessed and a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx

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