Monday, September 17, 2012

Are You Honable?

How Teachable Are You?
Today we explore the fourth trait of wise immigrants, honability.

John Sauget said that if you sit at the feet of the master long enough, and they’ll start to smell. Knowledge is powerless; it is the application of knowledge that has power. Knowledge is only valuable if it propels you to act. Iron sharpens iron. Immigrants know upon arriving at the new world, they must learn, learn a lot, learn fast, and above all apply what they learn in order to survive and thrive. Five years from now we can be older and grumpier or healthier, wealthier and wiser. The choice is always ours. Read great books and associate with people smarter than you. Why not learn from them? Here are the 7 nuggets. Apply them and prosper.

1) Wise immigrants are teachable and transparent. They know everyone has something to teach them. They read, study, discuss and apply. They let no hardship go by without a learning experience.

2) They learn from those with results in their lives. They understand that if you are too big to follow you are too small to lead. Knowing and not doing is worse than not knowing.

3) They are reflective and observant. They are patient as growth in knowledge compounds over time. They know how to discover the desires of their hearts and pursue them with passion.

4) They let no failure to go to waste. They look for a victory in every defeat and a defeat in every victory. They never miss a teachable moment. 

5) They value and build on their language and cultural skills. They learn to relate to those different than they are. They are patient and encourage others. They know that we all have different ways of learning and coping.

6) They welcome and embrace change. They look inside themselves for growth and growth outside will come to them. They listen to others to find their blind spots.

7) They value the setbacks in life because they come to help them grow. They are committed to investing and reinventing themselves continuously.

Be blessed and a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx

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