Monday, December 3, 2012

Book - The Perfect GIFT

Books can and do change lives!
Priceless makes the perfect Christmas Gift!

Sixty-Six Simple Stories of Reflection, Love, and Legacy
by Carlos Fontana

What was the best value you got in your life for about ten dollars?

It's a simple question, but sometimes the answers aren't so simple. This is something that Carlos Fontana learned when he asked that question to hundreds of people from all walks of life.

In Priceless, you will find sixty-six simple stories separated into sections on reflection, love, and legacy that will touch your heart. In stories of reflection, there are tales from a train ticket to visit a grandmother to a special mug in Mexico City. In stories of love, it shows the value of a marriage license to coffee with a mother. In stories of legacy, lessons are learned from a drink for a marine to letter writing supplies.

Priceless: Sixty-Six Stories of Reflection, Love, and Legacy is full of stories that have the power to change your life.

Add Priceless to your book collection today!

Have wonderful Holidays!

Here is one of the stories and pictures featured in PRICELESS
A Taco Lunch
One Sunday afternoon I was driving home with my youngest child,
who was five at the time. The car was quiet except for the radio and
the  hum  of  the  motor. As  we  passed  a Taco  Bell,  my  son  turned  to
me and said, “If you buy me a taco, I will be your best friend for the
rest of my life.” I laughed and said it would spoil his dinner if he ate
this early. But as we drove, I thought about his words and turned the
car around. When I looked over at him, he was smiling from ear to
ear. I purchased us both some tacos and drinks at the drive-through
and began to head home. My thought was to eat them at home, but
on the way home, we passed a beautiful lake, so I turned into one of
the parks surrounding it. I parked the car, and we walked to a picnic
table  and  ate  our  tacos  and  drank  our  pop,  commenting  on  all  the
sight and sounds. There was a spider under the picnic table that was
busy making a new web that entertained us while we were there. He
talked a mile a minute, and all I had to do was listen as his little mind
opened up. As years have passed, we often talk about that day, the
tacos,  the  lake,  the  picnic  table,  and  the  spider. We  live  very  close
to  that  lake  now,  and  when  we  drive  or  walk  by  that  picnic  table,  I
always remember that day. And to think I almost kept driving home
and I would have missed this precious moment with my son. While
the “investment” was small, the reward was priceless.

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