Monday, August 26, 2013

Passages of Life

The purpose of the 7 Daily Nuggets is to teach us what we need to know to live a prosperous life; the things that we may not have learned or are not currently learning in church, school, home or at work. Let’s apply what we learn here and share these nuggets with others. We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. Be a giver in a world of takers.

All os us have to go through many passages during our life. Each passage brings its fears and different degrees of stress.

1) Birth. The first passage is the one into this world via birth.

2) Education. To different degrees all of us are educated and/or trained to obtains initial skills on how to relate with others and the world around us.

3) Puberty. This phase we go through enormous changes, physical, emotional, and mental.

4) Adulthood. This is where we take responsibility to be producers through our work.

5) Parenthood. The responsibility to bring others into the world and raise them.

6) Maturity. This is the passage to wisdom. Passin onto others what we accumulated.

7) Death. The final passage is the transition into eternity. The last passage is the one that scares us the most. Those that have passed well each one of the previous passages ought to have no fear of passing from this world into the next one.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others.
Carlos Fontana, President of Phalanx
Co-author of the book Follow to Lead (The 7 Principles to Being a Great Follower)

Author of the book PRICELESS (Sixty-Six Simple Stories of Reflection, Love, and Legacy)

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