Monday, April 22, 2013

Inner and Outer Self

  1. Are you a shephard, a sheep, or a sheepdog?
  2. Would you lay your life down for your friend?
  3. Are you reading at least one spiritual book per month in a spiritual way to grow your spirituality?
  4. Are you spending as much to feed your mind, spirit, and soul as you do to feed your body?
  5. Are you living to satisfy your external wants or are you living to satisfy your inner needs to develop outer disciplines?
  6. Where, why, and what are you looking to safisfy the desires of your heart, mind, and soul?
  7. Are you welcoming the contradictions of life to bring you in touch with your inner being for a deeper fulfilment that only God can satisfy?
Inner growth is very important if we want to live a significant life!
Carlos Fontana

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