Sunday, April 14, 2013


  1. The way we communicate with people is directly proportional to the way people communicate back to us. You smile and people smile back to you.
  2. The biggest waste of energy and source of stress is to get upset onver things we can not control. Flight delays - sit back and say a prayer, it Works!
  3. It is amazing how well people treat you if you just look up to them, value what they do, respect who they are, and thank them for doing what they do.
  4. Mans greatest ability is the ability to connect with others by positively exchanging energy and emotions.
  5. Inside every individual there is a human being craving the need to be validaded for who they are.
  6. Every person has a story to tell. All it takes is asking the right questions. The incredible beauty of the human soul never cease to amaze me.
  7. Na engineer has fully recovered from being a recovering engineer when everyone thinks he is a psychologist.
Be blessed then be a blessings to others
Carlos Fontana

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