Friday, February 8, 2013

Quarterback Drew Brees’ Nuggets - Part I

Nuggets from a Hero and a Saint

“Each and every year I feel like I've gotten a little bit better and that's always been my goal, was just to get a little bit better.” “There's always a little bit of personal satisfaction when you prove somebody wrong.” “I hope our hopes and aspirations are bigger than setting records.” Drew Brees

Drew Brees’ book, Coming Back Stronger, is filled with nuggets of wisdom. The book is extremely engaging even for a non-football fellow like me. The book is all about overcoming setbacks, coming from behind, learning from mistakes, focusing on one play at a time, and finishing strong. Here are the first set of 7 nuggets:

1) The difficulties life throws at you can be a doorway to something better – something you hadn't even dreamed was possible.

2) A crisis can create a defining moment for the rest of your life.

3) Never look too far ahead or you will end up tripping over something right in front of you.

4) Loosing can make you stronger because experience is what you gain when you don’t get what you want.

5) If things aren't going your way, take a step back and look at reality.

6) Ask yourself, how can I see the opportunity in a difficult situation?

7) Do you know how to go from where you are to where you want to go?

The super nugget is:  “Learn to be comfortable when you are uncomfortable.”

Enjoy the snow day West Michigan!

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  1. “Learn to be comfortable when you are uncomfortable.”