Monday, November 9, 2015

Freedom vs Justice

Freedom vs Justice

The justice or the equality camp demands their rights to share the wealth. The freedom camp fights for a system that protects the entrepreneurs to produce the wealth. Which one is more important? Both are important in a free society. Which one comes first? Freedom does. Without freedom there is no justice. Can you find a country in the world that is not free but has justice for its citizens? The cycle of democracy starts with great moral courage to obtain freedom. Justice and prosperity cannot exist in a nation that is not free, no matter how we dictate, demand or legislate. A deep division between these two camps has been promoted in nations around the world for centuries. America does not have immunity against it. Divided camps will not stand for long since demanding justice in a system where freedoms are being eroded every day is futile. Isn’t the freedom to produce more important than the demanding a share from the wealth created by freedom? History shows that the masses are much more responsive to justice than they are to freedom. It resonates with them because it requires little from them, except for protesting, occupying, rioting, etc. We must swim against the current and have deep courage to fight for freedom that will benefit everyone. Which camp are you? How about leaving the camp and becoming a climber on the freedom mountain?

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Carlos Fontana
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