Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Equitable Inequality

Why such inequality in an equitable system?

How unfair is the world? The sun and the rain shines and pours on everyone. How can we explain that the top one percent own the equivalent of the bottom 40% in our society? In the information age it is critical we get the right information from the right sources. Hope the following helps to explain such inequality. Please don’t take it personally. I am not referring to you. I am referring to people you know J Beware these folks would love for you to join their club for they love pity parties! If you are not satisfied, then study the lives of the top one percent. You may be surprised what you find. I can assure you will not find them as members of any of the following clubs:

1.      The SFNC. The Something For Nothing Club. The members want the results but are not willing to put in the effort to achieve those results. The members of this club believe they are entitled to things without having to work for them. Please tell them the world knows who they are. Stop expecting others to provide for you and start taking responsibility for your upkeep.

2.      The AEC. The All Excuses Club. The members of this club suffer from chronic excusitis, the failure disease where self-deception rules their lives. Please tell them we know their reasons are viewed by others as excuses. Stop paying your dues with your excuses and start looking for reasons for doing something productive.

3.      The IAAVC. The I Am A Victim Club. The members of this club cannot wait to see you so they can tell you all about the things that happened to them. These members carry a healthy dose of negativity with them. Please tell them we know who they are. Stop thinking that your circumstance happen to you and start thinking circumstances happen for you so you can leave the club and live a better life.

4.      The AKANAC. The All Knowledge And No Action Club. This is still one of the largest clubs out there. These know it all members are full of ideas loaded with smoke and no fire. Please tell them that in life doing is more important than knowing. Start finishing and stop quitting the endeavors your endeavors.

5.      The MNRC. The Me No Read Club. These members never have time to read. They are always busy. Please tell them that if they ready 15 minutes per day they will read 1,000 books in their lifetime. Leverage the compounding effect of applied knowledge and you will live and love your life. Stop watching TV and start reading great books.

6.      The AADC. The All About Distractions Club. This club has experienced the fastest growth thanks to the social media. They are the Facebook lovers who are interested in everything about everything. They love noise. They know a lot about nothing. Facebook loves them and their money ($15 million of profit per day! So unfair; FB is making money on us!). Who build and keeps building FB and working for free? Please tell them we don’t need to know when their parrot had a bleeding foot. Stop with selfies and self-aggrandizing and start coming up with something of substance and value.

7.      The AAEC. The All About Entertainment Club.  Members of this club also consume a healthy dose of social beverages. Please tell them they are easy to spot. They have love affairs with the lives of others. Stop keeping score in the lives of others and start keeping score in your life.

Be part of the EBC (a very prestigious club); the Excuses Begone Club!

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Carlos Fontana
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"The future belongs to those who can see and pursue opportunities before they are obvious."
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