Monday, November 14, 2016

How do you define SUCCESS?

How do you define SUCCESS?

Success is different for each of us. FAILURE is the same, quitting due to the inability to reach our goals and dreams.

If you feel that life is hitting you hard, just keep on fighting. Success is going from failure to failure without losing your passions. You will find critics that will say no, God will whisper to you and say slow, so you must keep going because your destiny is saying GO! 

Be successful first, and then you can become significant.

Here is what success is to me. Define what success is to you.

1.     The freedom to be who I am.
2.     The freedom to serve others.
3.     The freedom to invest in myself.
4.     The freedom to love and be loved.
5.     The freedom to pursue my purpose.
6.     The freedom to pursue creative leisure.
7.     The freedom to be grateful and generous.
8.     The freedom to take a stand for my beliefs.
9.     The freedom to chase my goals and dreams.
10.  The freedom to learn something new every day.

Thank you for reading and reflecting on today’s nuggets.          

Be blessed and be a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana
Author of the book Priceless, Co-author of the book Follow to Lead

"The future belongs to those who can see and pursue opportunities before they are obvious."

"Those that take swift action will always leave those that don't breathing the dust."

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