Sunday, July 22, 2012

How Fired Up Are You?

How Fired Up Are You? Are you burning/fired up or burning/burned down?
1)      How strong is your emotional connection with your purpose?
2)      Are you tapping into the astounding potential inside you? Harness the creativity and innovation by using your intelligence and emotions.
3)      Are you part of a community with a culture that is emotionally connected on a mission towards a common vision and cause?
4)      Are you continuously building connections by the stellar quality of your character?
5)      Are you performing to the best of your skills and abilities?
6)      Leaders create the environment for individuals and teams to build innovative businesses.
7)      Motivational and incentive programs only produce short term results (soft wood that burns fast) while an inspirational environment creates a culture where people feel connected to each other and the work they do (hard wood that burns long).
Blessings, Carlos Fontana

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