Monday, July 30, 2012

Are you living the life you always wanted?

Are you living the life you always wanted?
1) Rediscover the art of true vacation. If you need a vacation after the vacation you did not vacation.
2) Never lose the sense of wonder. Dream, discover, create, and invent.
3) Leave the rat race and start running your own race. Problem with the rat race is that no matter how fast you run you are still a rat.
4) Get control of your finances or they will control you. Get rid of all bad debts.
5) Spend your energies in your priorities not your obligations. Watch for distractions and procrastinations.
6) Choose to be wealthy instead of having to be right all the time. Direct your energy into actions that produces results.
7) If you are working just to pay the bills and waiting for your chance, you are coasting. Winners take the chance. 
Blessings, Carlos Fontana

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