Saturday, September 10, 2016

Robbing our own children

Robbing the children

Yes, our society is robbing from our children. We are compromising the future of our children by leaving them an astronomical debt burden. The debt inheritance is a topic for another day. Today I will focus on robbing our children by overprotecting them, preventing them from the necessary struggles so they can achieve their own victories. We are not helping our children by overprotecting them, be it from physical scratch to hurting their feelings. Life will hit them hard if they do not learn to deal with things while under our parenting and guidance. The difficulties that come while we are growing up must be accepted as ways to get us ready to live a real life, a fulfilling life. Ultimately, difficulties come to prepare us for our final dwelling place, a place of total freedom. Here are 10 things I learned from my parents, formally uneducated but wise parents, specially my dad that served me well to deal with carrying my cross through life. Have you reflected on your life to come up with a similar list? Do you have a list for the things you are passing on to your children? What is your legacy going to be?

1.      Discipline. It is a lot easier not to discipline our children when they are young but there is a high price for them to pay later in life. If we don’t do it while they are young the world will do it later, and it can have lifelong consequences. Warriors are not born, they are made. Have you ever encountered a warrior without self-disciple? Good luck finding one.

2.      Hard work. Learn to work from a very young age. Chose the hard life early on and life will get easier and easier. Work habits must be instilled very early in life. Work becomes joy when it is directed towards worthy goals and dreams. We are robbing our children from their goals and dreams if we do not teach them to start working while they are young.

3.      Respect for others. Be nice to everyone. It does not cost you a dime and the rewards are incredible. When you respect everyone as a child of God you will start earning their trust.

4.      Respect for money. Those that don’t respect little money will not respect big money. If you don’t care about one cent you will not care for one million. What really matters is what you do with what is left. Be a great steward of money and money will multiply as a powerful tool to help you do lots of good with it.

5.      Early rise. There is something powerful about rising early, breathing that fresh morning air. Get to bed early to get enough rest.

6.      Health. Never skimp on good meals. Health is not the place to be stingy.

7.      Friends. Choose your friends wisely. Hang around people that challenge you to make you better.

8.      Planning. Life is unpredictable and fragile. Uncertainty is certain. We might as well expect the unexpected and deal with it head on.

9.      Courage. Courage is the currency of warriors. Courage is necessary for the achievement of anything worthy of securing. Go where other don’t dare to go. If you just follow the crowd, do what they do, you get what they get, not much.

10.  Sacrifice. Sacrifice is not a bad thing. Sacrifice leads to the production of sacred things. Always be ready to help those in need. Encourage them to endure their treacherous journeys. We all have our cross to carry. Understand the circumstances that led you to your cross. Don’t whine about it. Your greatness will come from your struggles. Blessed are those who carry their burdens and the burdens of others by sharing all burdens with Christ who makes all things possible. 

Thank you for reading and reflecting on today’s nuggets.          

Be blessed and be a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana
Author of the book Priceless, Co-author of the book Follow to Lead

"The future belongs to those who can see and pursue opportunities before they are obvious."
"Those that take swift action will always leave those that don't breathing the dust."

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