Friday, July 29, 2016

The Political Matrix Exposed

The Political Matrix Exposed

When people are in a state of illusion the empress can have no clothes
 Knowledge without actions and results is useless and dangerous

1.      The intellectual ignorance.  People have short memories. We can sell them the same things over and over, like we do with fractional banking. They will voluntarily sign up for it every time!

2.      The broken equality. Distinction is only for those of us in power; the rest of you are all equal, and broke. Please keep it that way. We are all about LOVE.

3.      The creative destruction. Look how great we are. We are the best in the world. We only need to convince the world that we really are the best. You already believe it, don’t you? The more problems we create the more problems you have to solve. That is how you keep an economy prosperous.

4.      The speechless dead. The end does justify the means. Don’t look at the dead bodies please. What difference does it make now? I must become your empress no matter what.

5.      The compassionate machine. We really care about our children, immigrants, any race you can think of, any sexual preference, etc, etc. Please take a picture of ME with you (she said in one of her commercials). Go ahead and show the world I am their compassionate mother. 

6.      The caring judgment. Let’s judge them by their results and judge ourselves by our intentions. Someone else always is responsible for the problems; we only take credit for the great solutions others implemented.

7.      The free slavery. Free everything is a right. We demand it! Please don’t worry about who has to pay for it. The rich can afford to share their wealth with us. Please spare the empress of any financial hardship (we have hardly horded enough for us); she really loves you.

Please share with others; our community, our country, and our world will be a better place because you did it.

Thank you for reading and reflecting on today’s nuggets.  

Please vote and let your voice be heard in this November election!

Be blessed and be a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana
Author of the book Priceless, Co-author of the book Follow to Lead

"The future belongs to those who can see and pursue opportunities before they are obvious."
"Those that take swift action will always leave those that don't breathing the dust."

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