Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Financial Matrix – Daily Dose 48

The Financial Matrix – Daily Dose 48
Are you trapped in the Financial Matrix?
The Financial Matrix is how the Aristocracy controls the masses by controlling capital.

You are in the Financial Matrix if you …
1.     Think money is not important to you.
2.     Think financial literacy is not important to you.
3.     Think inflation is not affecting your financial future.
4.     Think Social Security will always be available to everyone.
5.     Think being at a lower tax bracket at retirement is a good thing.
6.     Think 401k plans were created to get people retire comfortably.
7.     Think those who want to help you don’t have your best interest at heart.
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Be blessed and be a blessing to others
Carlos Fontana
Author of the book Priceless, Co-author of the book Follow to Lead

"The future belongs to those who can see and pursue opportunities before they are obvious."
"Those that take swift action will always leave those that don't breathing the dust."

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